Poem: The Fountain

Garikai Magaya

By Garikai Magaya

A long quenching sip from the bowel of your nourishment

Generational yokes of poverty and misfortune came tumbling down

From forefathers wandering with blinkers in the wilderness

To liberated elders sauntering into a glittering house of stone

Enslaved in mental shackles of Rome

Full of zeal and hope inspired by the promised utopia

Only to sink into a well-worn abyss of dystopia

Inimical glances from wealthy kith and kin

Inanimate embraces from well-heeled urban kinsmen

All it took was swift shower of your excellence

Perfunctory moods were replaced by inviting acceptance

A certification to fortify the hereto buried brilliance

The doors of royals pushed asunder in heroic welcome

Without you being the gateway to my emancipation

I would still be a scavenger at the basement of the food chain

Were it not for your guiding hand to the summit of achievement

Mine would be a nihilist obscure existence

My offspring and descendants alike are now assured of garlanded hearts and minds

Through grit and valour into gallant academic giants