Novelist releases book on self-motivation

Bekezela Ngwenya

BULAWAYO novelist Bekezela Dube Ngwenya says her debut novel Titanium cores on the theme of self-motivation and endurance.

Ngwenya told NewsDay Life & Style that the novel also focuses on the importance of mental health.

“My novel Titanium highlights that no matter what challenges one goes through in life, there is always a chance to turn things around,” she said.

“The novel also focuses on the importance of self-development as it encourages individuals to constantly empower themselves and pursue their dreams. It is never too late to start on new goals.”

In the novel, Ngwenya also points out the importance of mental health, while encouraging people to prioritise their health.

“The novel also encourages people to take care of their mental health and choose battles to fight, because some battles might cost one’s mental health. Just like we are encouraged to take care of our physical health, mental health is paramount,” she said.

In coming up with this novel, Ngwenya said she was motivated by the desire to impart some hope to readers.

“I read everything and anything my hands can get. I found my passion in words and how they paint a mental story,” she said.

“I then decided it was time I write my own books not only for entertainment, but to give some hope to the readers.”

Ngwenya said the novel has so far received a positive reception.

“People have responded so well to my book and I am grateful. Some are even encouraging me to publish a second one,” she said.

“Funding has, however, been the major drawback in my journey to become a published author,” she added.

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