Fashion designer scouts for untapped talent

Mufaro Prase Tinago

FASHION designer and model Mufaro Prase Tinago will soon introduce a talent show, Unique Talent Zimbabwe that seeks to unearth untapped talent in music, dance and poetry.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Tinago said the idea behind the talent show was to assist the youths to desist from engaging in anti-social behaviour such as drug abuse and prostitution.

“On Unique Talent Zimbabwe I will be working with radio personality Miss Unique and actor Zolile “Tsotsi” Makeleni. We are going to start our opening edition of the show in Bulawayo this May,” he said.

He said so far, more than 30 people had registered to perform in the inaugural edition.

“After Bulawayo, we are heading to Gweru and Kwekwe as we later spread wings to other provinces. We will have the second round where the lucky top 20 winners will go for a boot camp in Harare,” he said.

Tinago said the main reason for hosting the boot camp was to teach the artistes about life, the showbiz industry.

“I believe the Unique Talent Zimbabwe show is going to have a positive impact on talented youths, but fail to have platforms to showcase it,” he said.

“I am also optimistic that the show is going to bring a change not only in youths, but communities at large in our endeavour to uplift youngsters who have talent, but lack the exposure.”

He said the show was going to be aired on their Unique Talent Facebook and Instagram pages and hopes were high of getting a slot on national television ZBC TV.

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