Chari takes notes from Senior Lecturer

Obert Chari

ZCC Hakireni Stars band leader Obert Chari says he feels challenged when he sees sungura gospel artistes such as Madzibaba Nicholas “Senior Lecturer” Zakaria still making waves at the age of 66 and producing quality music for their fans.

Chari said the Senior Lecturer’s loyalty to sungura was evidence that this genre is, indeed, timeless.

“I feel challenged with the great performances which I’m witnessing from Zakaria. As a sungura gospel artiste who is also into gospel, I’m taking notes from him (Zakaria) and will also keep the sungura legacy alive through my music,” said Chari, adding that he is determined to make a name for himself as he follows Zakaria’s footsteps.

“I learnt humility from the Senior Lecturer. We grew up knowing that there is Madzibaba Zakaria, yet we never heard about his bad deeds, so it’s something which shows that Zakaria has principles which we are supposed to learn from. So for me this means that as a fan and an artiste I can become a legend just like him if I keep on working hard,” he said.

The 34-year-old Mebo hitmaker is working on his 5th album and two singles Zvishamiso and Simudza Ngoma to be released soon.

Chari said his music was centred on culture and realities of life, adding that through his songs he hoped to change people’s perspectives for the better.

“Fans must learn something from my songs so that when I’m no longer around at least I would have left a legacy which people may learn from,” said Chari.

The energetic singer has three albums under his sleeve namely Ngoma yababa (2012), Vaporofita venhema (2015) Mariyambutsa (mebo) (2018) and Ubuntu (2021).

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