Binga cemetery in sorry state

Binga Cemetry

BINGA cemetery has been covered by a savanna bush years after it was commissioned by the local authority.

Trees, bushes and tall grass have grown in the cemetery covering graves. Relatives are finding it difficult to identify graves of their departed loved ones.

A visit to the cemetery by Southern Eye revealed years of neglect despite it being located near the local airdrome, where tourists visiting Binga occasionally land.

One family had to uproot a tree in order to create space for a grave to bury their relative recently.

Binga residents are worried that due to the neglect, they may end up digging up unmarked graves when  they are digging new graves.

Residents have also complained that the Binga RDC has not employed grave diggers.

Binga RDC chairperson Wilson Siampolomba told Southern Eye that he was yet to visit the cemetery.

‘‘Currently I am in transit, and I will respond to your questions when I am in the office. However, I have not been at the cemetery as I was on suspension for almost two years,” Siampolomba said.

‘‘I resumed duties sometime in November (last year). Now that concerns have been raised over the condition of the cemetery, I will have to visit it and then raise the issue at the office so that we make a decision on the measures that can be taken to resuscitate it,” he said.

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