Binga artiste bemoans lack of exposure

Victor “Village Boy” Nyoni

YOUTHFUL Binga hip-hop and trap artiste Victor “Village Boy” Nyoni (24) has bemoaned lack of exposure for “village” artistes.

Village Boy told NewsDay Life & Style that there are no arts promoters in Binga, adding that for one to record quality music she or he has to travel to Harare or Bulawayo.

“There are no promotors in Binga, it is only now with the emergency of ZMG Entertainment that some talents are being identified,” he said.

“Artistes have no exposure and enough platforms for youngsters to showcase their talent. You have to know someone for you to get publicity through mainstream media.”

He added: “There is also a tendency for people not to buy music to appreciate the effort put by local artistes and limited airplay,” he said as he decried rampant piracy in the country.

Village Boy has released his latest single, Binga that encourages people to develop themselves to realise a developed community.

“Binga people should aim at stretching their potential to the limit. They should avoid settling low for simple careers and ambitions,” he said.

Village Boy grew up in Kariyangwe, Binga with a burning passion to become a professional footballer, but his ambition changed over the years.

He then moved to Bulawayo and decided to fight inequality for talent in marginalised areas.

“I am the voice of the village to the village, I am the voice of the village to the world. I sing against drug abuse and for rural empowerment while encouraging youths to engage in productive activities,” he said.

“All able-bodied people should wake up and at least have something to do in life. Youths carry the energy of the nation and it is us who can build any village, community or nation.”

Village Boy said he was proud of where he came from.

“In my music I talk a lot about Binga and market its wonders and its rich culture,” he said.

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