Adam Barnard, former Romanz singer is in a coma


JOHANNESBURG — Singer Adam Barnard has been in a coma since April 30 and shows limited to no reaction.

The former Romanz singer, Adam Barnard’s wife, Almitra Barnard released a statement on his Facebook page on April 30, saying his body, soul and spirit are tired.

According to Rapport, the singer has been living with kidney disease since childhood and has been fighting it for 37 years. “When he heard that he will be admitted to hospital for infection again, it was like a rock he had to carry,” Almitra wrote in the statement. She said what had initially not been too serious and would have been quick, had become rather serious since he had been put on a ventilator last Saturday.

“He still spoke moments before that,” she wrote. “He has since not regained consciousness again and shows limited to no reaction. He currently has a team of four doctors looking after him the best.”

A private Facebook group — Gebed vir Adam se nieroorplanting — has been opened, saying: “Thank you that you want to be part of this group to pray with us that Adam Barnard’s health will improve so he can get a kidney transplant. We give it all in our Father’s hands. May you find as much blessings from this group as we do.”

In her statement, Barnard’s wife said he had numerous setbacks since August 2021 and that he had “proven everytime that he had the willpower of Jesus.”

She said he woke up in his worst form in February 2022, but he kept fighting.

“We were stunned and stood watching, knowing that he will get through this and that in a few months he will try again for a transplant.” But, Almitra says this time was different.

“For the first time in a long time, he has no pain or discomfort. That is our wish for him,” she wrote.

She also said that whatever happened was God’s will and that Barnard’s will was to live life to the fullest.

“So, now we pray that if he survives, he will be functional to live life to the fullest. Should God take him to his forever home, we are at peace. Adam deserves rest. He deserves to have a body with which he can run and sing again. He deserves to be pain free.”

A man by the name Johan (Ramkat) tried to contact the family to introduce them to a potential kidney donor for Adam, after which Almitra shared a message on Facebook thanking him for his willingness to assist and explaining that Adam is too weak for a transplant.

Barnard’s mother wanted to donate a kidney to him, but she died in a car crash prior to donation in 2017.

Singer, Jakkie Louw also wrote on Facebook: “It is late and my phone wakes me up with the beep of a message:  ‘Jakkie, you must pray.’

Adam Barnard is in a coma.’ Here it is. My friend is very sick.”

In his long message about his friend — whom he values highly — he asked his followers to pray with him and ask God to take Adam where he needs to be. “A place without suffering.”The Citizen