Queen Lozikeyi singer preaches peace



SAXOPHONIST and member of the Queen of Lozikeyi Songs group, Vuyile “Vuyi Sax” Qongo, says his forthcoming album titled Umusa seeks to preach love and unity.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Vuyi Sax said the seven-track album, written and recorded by a fellow artiste he did a saxophone rendition for, will be launched on April 26 at Zimbabwe Music Academy in Bulawayo.

“I believe the making of my album Umusa is all by grace, having witnessed the passing on of our friends in the industry and in the society at large due to COVID-19. It is not like there is something we did not do, but it’s all by the grace of God,” he said.

“On the album, there are hymns and cover tracks written by different people like Vusa Mangena’s song Mbonge, wedding song by Bennis Gavender from Durban, Blessed Assurance, Bawo Ndiwumntana Wakho and How Great Thou Art, among other songs.

Umusa is a song that was written and recorded by Cannan Nyathi, a brother based in South Africa. I spoke to him to get the permission to give the song a new life with a saxophone version.”

Vuyi Sax, who is studying Theory of Music and Saxophone at Zimbabwe Music Academy, said his choice of the instrument on the album made him effectively communicate his thoughts.

“The way I chose the instrument is the same way one chooses a life partner. Saxophone and I resonate, it talks to me in a different way than any other instrument does,” he said.

“I picked up the saxophone in 2015, and it worked well through trial and error. In the early stages, it was much of trial and error, then afterwards, the academy gave me a bursary.”

Vuyi Sax added: “I seek to spread peace, love, unity and encouragement to everyone who can hear the sound of the horn (saxophone) that blows. People should learn to love those that are unlovable, encourage one another in communities, appreciate and embrace people that are different from them.”

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