Lead role in crime series elates Hakurimwi

Joseph Dereck Hakurimwi

LOCAL film producer and actor Joseph Dereck Hakurimwi is excited after landing the main character role in Smoking Gun, a fourthcoming film series by Eastlife Entertainment Production.

The crime themed film was shot in Mutare and directed by Stephen Mutsago.

Hakurimwi told NewsDay Life & Style that he was determined to make a name in the competitive film industry.

“I am so honoured to be the main character Tonderai Joseph Jokonya, also known as T-Jay in Smoking Gun, considering that there are some members of the cast who I feel they are better than me,” he said.

“As part of the film’s synopsis, I was framed in a murder case involving machete boys. I was taken into custody because the police believed there was overwhelming evidence linking me to the murder.”

Hakurimwi said this was the third production in his film journey.

“I auditioned just like all other actors featuring in Smoking Gun and I attribute all my success to God,” he said.

“Season One of Smoking Gun is ready for the screens. Among the film’s casts are Mitchel Rudanda, Violet Fananidzayi, Felix Machingambi, Malridy Palume and Shingirayi Manyengavana,” he added.

Commenting on the state of the country’s film industry, Hakurimwi said it was fast growing, but there was a need for the government to offer financial aid to keep it booming.

Hakurimwi urged filmmakers to add English subtitles in their short films, movies or series for their content to be universal and not only be consumed by local audiences.

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