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Easter a time for redemption: Charamba

Life & Style
“The price that Jesus paid on the cross is too dear to be trampled upon. It is my uttermost hope that mankind should celebrate Easter in a way befitting the agony of Christ, unlike ridiculing the unmatched sacrifice God and His son made for the atonement of mankind.”

BY WINSTONE ANTONIO/AGATHA CHUMA EASTER is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is a holiday of great significance in the Christian faith.

In commemorating Easter, a number of events are held such as church services that include all-night vigils.

In Zimbabwe, the celebrations start on Good Friday and run through to Easter Monday.

The four-day holiday gives believers and non-believers a time to meet up with friends and family in celebration of the forgiveness and restoration which people receive through Christ.

NewsDay Life & Style caught up with some gospel artistes who shared their views on Easter.

Veteran gospel singer Charles Charamba said: “Easter is the redemption of men by a God-given messenger who is Jesus and we will be celebrating his resurrection while we await his return.

“I think people are still celebrating this day in their context because it has its own background, history and context in Judaism, but Christians are celebrating this without diverting to Judaism.

“As a way of celebrating, we are going to be preaching and singing in a bid to honour the three special days which mark the resurrection of Jesus after crucifixion.”

Mutare-based gospel singer Dorcas Moyo said: “The anchors of Christianity are hinged on the birth, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

“The unfolding of these events ensured the birth of Christianity which is a religion that I fully subscribe to.

“Getting an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the key event that gave the devil the final blow is a charitable experience and moment.

“While the issue of dates and other intricacies can be a bone of contention, I look at the holistic picture where as Christians we should refocus our mindset and align to the dictates of the oracles of God.

“The price that Jesus paid on the cross is too dear to be trampled upon. It is my uttermost hope that mankind should celebrate Easter in a way befitting the agony of Christ, unlike ridiculing the unmatched sacrifice God and His son made for the atonement of mankind.”

Harare-based singer Tafadzwa Mukaro said: “Easter this year is going to be much more exciting as we are now able to congregate at churches and fellowship once again together.

“It is, indeed, a blessing considering what we have been through due to COVID-19. I will be at church with my family as we reflect upon and honour the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“We are working on a new single to be out soon, so will be in the studio to put final touches to the song and video.

“To everyone, I say may Easter resurrection joy lift your heart and fill your soul with renewed hope.

Gospel songbird Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave said: “Easter reminds us of how God loves us enough to sacrifice His son for us. It should, therefore, be a time for revival. I shall be ministering in Masvingo at a ZCC conference.

Harare-based singer Rumbie Zvirikuzhe said: “Easter is one of the principal holidays, or feasts for Christianity. It marks the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion.

“Easter is the joyful end to the Lenten season of fasting and penitence. Not many people still take Easter seriously because you find that others now take it as time for partying and no longer go to church or Easter conferences.

“It is now like a thing of the past.”

Mutare-based singer  said: “As a Christian and a believer, Easter is very significant because we celebrate the finished work on calvary.

“Jesus was made a sinner while he was not and he died a shameful death only for us Christians so that we won’t face the same death as his.

“When he said it is finished on the cross it meant that all things that were against us were finished especially women because that is when we got our freedom to participate in the Christian world. For example, we got liberty to preach and lead others in the church so for me this is my best holiday among all the holidays.

“I personally celebrate the love which Jesus showed us. I wish the pastors would teach us more about the importance of this day because some people seem to be forgetting the importance of this day.”

South Africa-based singer Elizabeth Manyowa said: “Christians still treat Easter with importance as seen by observing the holiday globally. This is a very important holiday on the Christian’s calendar as it is where we got our salvation.

“If Jesus had not died, we would not have gotten our spiritual freedom. We now have a choice whether to accept Him and be forgiven for our sins and enter an everlasting life after death or shun Him and opt for an everlasting life in hell.”

Mathias Mhere said: “Easter is special to us as it is essentially the foundation upon which the Christian faith is built. It is a significant period that I personally value as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

“As I minister through music, I have lined up a number of shows that will see me performing in Ngezi and Masvingo. After the shows, I will have time for an outing with my family.

Minister Michael Mahendere said: “Easter is a special moment for me and my family because it is a time we commemorate and appreciate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

“The life we attain after being born again is a resemblance of the resurrection of Jesus. It is a quickened life. That is why I believe this moment is so special to me.

“I have attained (from God) a greater, perfect and fulfilled life because of such a time as this, where Jesus was sacrificed in my stead. This means that I have now passed over from death to life. His resurrection is a reflection of the life that I live after I have accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour.”

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