ChiTown councillors sworn in

Leah Chidamba

SIX councillors were sworn in yesterday in Chitungwiza after they won in the March 26 local authority elections.

These were Steny Warikandwa (Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) ward 11), Darlington Musonza (CCC, ward 12), Agrippa Makwavarara (Zanu PF, ward 15), Musa Makweza (CCC, ward 19), Leah Chidamba (Zanu PF, ward 20) and Kudakwashe John (CCC, ward 21).

CCC chief whip Richard Chamutsa told NewsDay that since new councillors had been sworn in, mayoral elections would follow.

“As of now council business is at a standstill. No one is directing it. Mayoral elections are more pertinent,” Chamutsa said.

Acting mayor Kiven Mutimbanyoka said: “As policymakers, we will ensure that we come up with ideal and relevant policies that cater for the livelihoods of people.  We just hope to go about council business, leaving party issues outside. I urge incoming councillors to work in unison and collectively come up with decisions.”

Former Chitungwiza mayor Lovemore Maiko told NewsDay that Chitungwiza council is sitting on over 400 unimplemented resolutions.

“There are invisible hands that must give Chitungwiza a chance to do its own business. As long as they keep on interfering, we will continue going in circles. Councillors must be allowed to do their duties,” Maiko said, adding that more than 500 resolutions were made since 2018, but only a few were

“If these are implemented, that is the only way Chitungwiza can achieve its vision of becoming a city. Councillors must remember they are not here as tourists. They need to deliver to the people,” Maiko said.

Makweza, who is former Chitungwiza deputy mayor, urged central government to stop interfering in the affairs of councils.

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