Riky Rick laid to rest at private ceremony


The funeral of rapper Riky Rick was held yesterday morning in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Although his family had planned an intimate gathering for his send-off, the service was being livestreamed.

The family also has a memorial planned for Friday and it is expected to be attended by close friends, family and selected media.

Riky Rick’s memorial will also be livestreamed.

Riky Rick died on Wednesday last week and is said to have taken his own life.

Friends of the rapper took to social media hours after his death to speak about suicide, mental health and their own struggles with both.

This sparked a larger conversation about the mental health crisis, particularly among men.

There have also been a number of conversations in which people have shared their ideas for how best to honour Riky’s family and hold them up in love as they wade through their grief.

Tabloid publication Sunday World published Riky Rick’s last words to his family, and laid bare the private messages he left behind for his wife and two children — The Citizen.