‘Byo Zanu PF members voted for opposition’

Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa

ZANU PF activists in Bulawayo have accused some party members of voting for the Nelson Chamisa’s Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) which won in all the eight local authority wards and two parliamentary seats that were up for grabs in Saturday’s by-elections.

The accusations came after it emerged that votes polled did not match the party members who turned up for voting.

Prior to the by-elections, some party members had expressed concern that there was a ibhola egangani/bhora musango (protest vote) plot not to vote for most of the Bulawayo Zanu PF candidates whom members accused of rigging primary elections in order to represent the party.

The leaders were irked by the low voter turnout at the weekend by-elections and equated it to bhora musango.

In a WhatsApp discussion, Zanu PF activists expressed disappointment over poor results in the city, whereby at one polling station 15 people voted for the ruling party when more than 200 party members were seen in voting queues.

“This group is composed of sellouts, it must be disbanded. They are not Zanu PF members. You are all sellouts, just get out of here,” said one infuriated Zanu PF member.

Another one said: “Comrades, we were walloped. How can Zanu PF have 15 out of 125 votes? How can Zanu PF have 75 votes out of a hundred something? How many people did you see who came to that place? The statistics of those that voted for Zanu PF were less than 200, but the predominant number of people who were voting was known as Zanu PF members. What are you trying to tell me? I was there until the close of voting. You people who voted know what you did.”

The party members demanded that all WhatsApp groups be dissolved because they had people who do not  belong to Zanu PF.

Zanu PF Bulawayo spokesperson Achirbold Chiponda, however, said they were pleased that countrywide, Zanu PF managed to snatch some local authority and National Assembly seats from the opposition.

“The character of Zanu PF as a party is such that whether we are in or out of these few seats we will still work tirelessly to improve the lives of the masses that we represent as the ruling party,” Chiponda said.

He expressed dismay over the high voter apathy in Bulawayo.

“We appeal to the residents of Bulawayo to continue to work with us as Zanu PF
for a better Bulawayo,” he said.

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