5 guards up for extortion


FIVE Ruwa Local Board security guards have been charged with criminal abuse of office and extortion after they demanded a bribe from a businesswoman they accused of running an illegal grinding mill..

Godfrey Chirape, Stephen Charakupa, Nyasha Mutyutyu, Craig Kaseke and James Madzvimbo appeared before magistrate Stanford Mambanje, who remanded them to today for bail hearing.

The complainant in the case is the State.

On March 15, the accused persons who were in uniform approached Loice Musasiwa and accused her of operating a grinding mill at a prohibited place.

Musasiwa operates a grocery shop, butchery and a grinding mill in Ruwa.

They closed the shop and demanded a US$100 bribe to allow her to continue operating.

Musasiwa did not have the money and promised to contact them.

She informed her son Clive, who reported the matter to the police.

A trap was set and the five were arrested after collecting the bribe money.

The money will be produced in court as evidence.

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