Teen fashionista launches InspAya clothing label


A BULAWAYO-BASED up-and-coming teenage fashionista and writer Ayanda Moyo (17) has said she is now equipped to keep the streets buzzing with fashion through her new-found InspAya clothing label.

Moyo told NewsDay Life & Style that it has always been her dream to venture into the world of fashion, hence she decided to come up with own clothing label.

“From a tender age, I have always dreamt of being known for my love of fashion and books which is why I chose textiles technology and design as my practical subject at school,” she said.

“At the age of 15, I then decided to start my own brand InspAya and sought advice from my parents about it and they told me to strategise first before jumping into it.”

Moyo said her designs catered for no specific age groups, adding that she was an enthusiast of uniqueness.

“One thing about me is that I am a devotee of uniqueness and I did not want my brand to seem like those Western brands. I want it to scream Africa and Kasi style, that is why I make clothes that can accommodate everyone, not just my age mates,” she said.

“The name InspAya itself is another fact that highlights my exclusivity. When I thought of starting my brand, I did not have the right name so at first it was called Peri_Dot, the name of my favourite stone, but I just did not feel it saying anything about my character.”

Moyo said she was pushing to attain her goals so that she could also inspire other people not to hold back their dreams.

“Through my InspAya clothing label I want to encourage, motivate, influence and inspire everyone to be very loud about their dreams,” she said.

“The name InspAya just popped up in my head and I quickly noted it down. InspAya is a combination of the word inspire and Ayanda. I knew from that very moment that with this name I was on the right track and I was definitely going to InspAya.”

Moyo said she wanted to put more focus on her dreams since she had completed Ordinary Level.

“In the past, I did not have much time to focus on the brand as I was concentrating on my schoolwork. This is why I have a few items on my first collection. I am done and my dreams are now on top of my priority list,” she said.

Moyo said she was also working on her first novel that will be published within the coming three months.

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