Pritch pours heart out in Zvakaoma

Preachmore “Pritch” Pabwaungana

GWERU-BASED hip hop artist Preachmore “Pritch” Pabwaungana said his latest single titled Zvakaoma chronicles what he has gone through in life.

The song Zvakaoma was produced by Inno B under Power Beats studio.

Pritch told NewsDay Life & Style that he was inspired by life experiences to compose the song.

“Growing up in the ghetto, I came across a lot of painful things including the loss of my brother and also my family not being financially stable affected me even at school,” he said.

“I went through all such challenges at such a younger age and music has been my hide out ever since and the song Zvakaoma is just unfolding some of the things I came across in my path.”

“In the track I mentioned that hembe taitowacha tomirira dzogowoma topfeka (we would wash and wait for the clothes to dry up so that we can wear them), this is something that I really experienced and probably other people out there, but still, we move and never give up.”

Pritch, who claims to find solace in music, said his main objective as an artiste is to try and teach others that although life has ups and downs, people must learn to live and never quit despite the challenges.

“My track teaches and encourages one that life is never easy and that must not weaken us. We must learn to embrace the pain in our path and live knowing that after every dark cloud there is a silver lining,” he said.

“There are times I felt like giving up, but I always ask myself what if tomorrow is my day.The song also teaches people that we must not look down upon others because we never know the struggles they came across in the journey of life.”

He said though life has taught him how to get rid of pain.

Pritch has produced two albums and several songs such as Pane Grind RanguNumb the PainGreenlight and Buhurdar Center.

Last year he scooped the best new artist gong at the Midlands Teen Arts Awards.