Palestine Embassy condemns Israel for ‘Ethnic Cleansing’


THE Palestinian Embassy in Zimbabwe yesterday condemned the ‘ethnic cleansing’ and forced displacement of their nationals by the Israel regime.

In a statement yesterday, Palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe Tamar Almassri accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity.

“The situation has become extremely volatile in particular in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem, which is under siege and attacked by Israeli occupation forces, extremist settlers and politicians,” Almassri said.

“The Israeli apartheid forces have closed the western entrance to the neighbourhood with iron mounds and have expelled Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists from the vicinity of the home of the Salem family, which is threatened with imminent expulsion in yet another Stale-sanctioned settler attacks.

“This is in addition to the colonial projects that aim to demolish thousands of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, as is the case in Silwan, and more settlement units that lead to changing the features and identity of the city.”

Almassri called on the international community to intervene to stop the persecution of Palestinians.

“Urgent action is needed to save Palestinian families from further dispossession and forced displacement by this illegal occupation. This must start now with accountability measures for Israel’s blatant schemes to drive Palestinians from their homes and land, in grave breach of international law,” he said.

“We affirm that international positions are inconsistent with the suffering and pain of our people and their successive generations as a result of the continuation of occupation, settlements expansion, daily repression or abuse, which requires an international legal, moral and humanitarian awakening to take the necessary measures to end the historical injustice that has befallen our people.”