Nadia Nakai checks out of social media to enjoy real life

Nadia Nakai

RAPPER Nadia Nakai has confirmed she is taking a break from social media — for now.

The rapper responded to a fan on Twitter asking why she’s been so scarce on the TL.

“Yup, taking a break from socials and living in real life for a bit. Will be back,” Nadia

Though Nadia is temporarily off the socials, the rapper has continued to hog headlines thanks to rumours that she is romantically linked to rapper AKA.

AKA and Nadia chose to blue tick the swirling rumours circulating on social media about a trip that each took, “coincidentally” to the same place.

It is unclear why the Money Back hitmaker is taking a break, but she is not the first from celebville who has opted to ditch social media for a while.

Somizi Mhlongo announced on Twitter in November last year that he was taking a break from the blue bird app.

He said those who loved peace knew where to find him, insinuating Instagram is more positive than Twitter.

“Wooo hayi, its been peaceful without this app. I guess I’m either not strong or some people here are as toxic as f**k. To those who are kind, you know where to find me. I love you, but I’m too blessed for the toxicity here.” — TshisaLIVE