Mudzimu uses pageantry to fight albinism stigma


THE director of Albinism Dare to Dream Initiative (ADDI), formerly Miss Albinism Zimbabwe Trust, Brenda Mudzimu has said she will continue using different arts disciplines to fight stigma against people living with albinism.

Mudzimu told NewsDay Life & Style that they were raising awareness on albinism through different activities such as the forthcoming Mr and Miss Albinism sporting activities as well as career guidance sessions.

“The purpose of Mr and Miss Albinism to be held in August is to add a voice and efforts in advocating for and raising awareness on the need to ensure that rights of people with albinism are promoted, protected, fulfilled and respected in the society,” she said.

“Through participating at this pageant, contestants gain self-confidence, have personal recognition and development, personal grooming, exposure, stress management and above all advocacy skills.”

Mudzimu said preparations for this year’s pageantry were at an advanced stage.

“While educating society about albinism, Miss and Mr Albinism also serves as a vehicle for instilling confidence within the albinism community and also helps foster, de-stigmatisation and promote social acceptance of people with albinism,” she said.

“We also conduct sporting activities for people with albinism and we are having our own association the Dare to Dream Association, which is currently in the process of registration. This association will be targeting identifying talents within the albinism community”.

Mudzimu said there was need for positive attitudes towards people living with albinism to help integrate them into the country’s mainstream economy.

“As a trust we have also embarked on teaching the albinism community activities such as sewing and detergent making. There is also an annual career guidance that we do to help people find their purpose in life,” she said.

“We also aim to avoid social factors that can lead to stress, low self-esteem, isolation and give people living with albinism a sense of pride to make it easy for them to achieve their goals.”

She added: “We have also registered an all-female company known as Ladies Sparkles as our vision is to see people living with albinism have full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and have their dignity respected as well.”

Mudzimu said the trust, established in 2017, did not only accommodate adults, but young children living with albinism were also catered for.

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