Gokwe residents bemoan poor drainage system


GOKWE residents have accused the local authority of failing to provide drainage system at the growth point, resulting in flash floods during the rainy season.

The residents said this had exposed them to water-borne diseases due to pools of water that formed in residential areas.

“The heavy rains are exposing us to water-borne diseases because whenever it rains, the town gets flooded and we are forced to walk in dirty water because there is no proper drainage system in the town,” a ward 2 resident Shylet Munyoro said.

“We are also worried that water-logging is providing breeding ground for mosquitoes.  As residents, we are exposed to malaria,” she said.

Council chairperson Never Gwanzura told Southern Eye that the problem emanates from the fact that the town was built on a plateau.

“Gullies develop everywhere during the rainy season because the town sits on a plateau and loose soils.  As the council, we have embarked on road rehabilitation and repairs in the central business district. We are targeting a total of 1,08km under the central government-funded Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme to fix the problems,” he said.

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