Court stops relationship with minor


A CHITUNGWIZA mother has approached the courts seeking a protection order against Tanaka Chikakanwa who is allegedly involved in an affair with her 12-year-old daughter.

The court order sought was granted last Friday by Chitungwiza magistrate Brighton Danana.

The mother told the court that when her daughter was medically examined, there were no signs that she had sexual intercourse with the defendant.

“I am seeking a protection order against Chikakanwa who is involved in a love affair with my 12-year-old daughter and makes her sneak out of the house at midnight,” she said.
“My daughter is still young and this affair is diverting her from school work.

I went with her to the hospital for examination but she is still a virgin.”

Tanaka, the respondent, told the court that he was no longer dating the minor whom he alleged was actually forcing herself into his life.

“I agree that I was in an affair with a minor, but we are no longer dating. I told her that we cannot continue, but she is in the habit of continuously visiting me at my place in Unit F. At one time she visited me at 11pm. I did not make her to sneak out of her house.”

In his ruling Danana said: “You actually committed an offense which could end you in jail. What you’re doing is wrong, stop abusing her.

If you continue doing that you will be locked in.

You must not visit or send messages to the 12-year old.

If she comes to you, then run away from her because if you’re seen with her you would have violated the order and you will go to jail.

Concentrate on school activities and stop these affairs.”

The magistrate also ordered the mother to caution her daughter.

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