Artistes celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month

FEBRUARY is considered Black History Month and as a result, local arts movement Moonchild District is set to host So Soul Session featuring an array of artists across genres as part of commemorations on February 5 at The Q Restaurant in Harare.

Black History Month is celebrated annually in memory of the black people who sacrificed their lives to fight white supremacy.

It traces its roots to American civil rights activist Carter Hoodson who founded the Negro History Week in 1915 that became known as the Black History Month in 1976 when America celebrated its 200th anniversary.

The So Soul Session event themed The Kink in My Hair will be a fusion of poetry, contemporary dance and comedy.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, event organiser Prince Rayanne Chidonzvo said the show would uncover and teach guests about the black reality which binds people together.

“Through the So Soul Session, we are creating a platform to explore our roots and deep-seeded history with conversations for progress, healing and recovery of the black people through art,” he said.

“Music, poetry and comedy, manifest and reflect the world we live in and communities around us.

“In our celebration of Black History Month, not only do we praise our perseverance in accounting for our history, we are also changing the history of the artists and the history of the game through performance.”

Chidonzvo said the So Soul Session would feature spoken word artist Tanaka Tshuma, Afro poet and singer Kimberley Mabika and legendary poet Tate Madzitateguru.

“Everything that we do on the stage reflect who we are as black people. As a group of youths, we are coming together to honour, learn and teach black history and the realities of our present into the future of our black people,” he said.

“As a group of youths, we have just embarked on a journey of uncovering new ideas and new content.

“Moonchild District is a movement of artists who do not bow to any gatekeepers, it’s a movement for social change where we, the artists, gather resources to make great art through our So Soul Sessions hosted monthly in Harare.

“It started in 2017 and officially blew up in 2021 where we hosted a show that received much attention. Since that show, we have been cruising artistically.”

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