All set for Harare amateur swimming champs



THE Harare Amateur Swimming (HAS) will host its junior championships at Chisipite Senior School between today and tomorrow.

HAS board member Nikki Johnsen said athletes were geared for the jamboree.

“All preparations are going on well. Juniors (eight and nine-year-olds)  are excited because it is their first time to participate at such a big event,” Johnsen said.

“Highlands is a big club, I think with approximately 60 swimmers and then it goes down to smallest clubs with probably about 15 swimmers.”

A total of six clubs competing in different heats are taking part. These are Highlands, Spartans, Otters, Sharks, Pirates and Dorados.

“Two cups are up for grabs. There is the overall winner which is obviously the club with most players and then the aggregate cup which is where they divide points by the number of swimmers and then the club that has the most points for a number of swimmers wins that cup,” Johnsen said.

Highlands are the overall reigning champions and Spartans are the reigning champions in the aggregate category.

“With regards to swimmers who we are looking forward to seeing in the seniors, which is Under-12s in the girls category, we have Alexis Johnsen and hopefully she will defend her title. In the boys category, Ethan Donzva is one to watch out for. For the younger ages, we have Christian Ziemann and Unathi Chibanda,” Johnsen said.

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