6 Internet-Based Businesses That You Can Start In Zimbabwe


In the 21st century, the Internet is a powerhouse that dictates almost everything. The number of active internet users in the world is over 4 billion and this number is increasing with every passing day. In Zimbabwe, about 7-8 million people use the internet which is a significant number and this active usage of the internet brings endless money opportunities that are not quite availed in the country. For this purpose, we will be having a look at some of the internet-based businesses that you can start in Zimbabwe: 

1. E-Commerce

E-commerce is the future for Zimbabwe because it is a field in which Zimbabwe is currently lagging behind most of the countries in the world and it is a very promising field that can bring so much prosperity to the country. If you are really looking for a promising business then e-commerce isn’t a bad way to start.

You can start off with a diverse name and build your own online brand to show off your various products and services. Whatever sort of products or services that you may be offering, whether it is tools like Scrabble Word Finder or clothing goods, if you play your cards right, you can get off to a great start and with the widespread adoption of online payment methods, almost everything is in place to start an ecommerce business. 

2. Web Development

Web developmental services are in demand all over the world and since the need for a website is becoming imminent for any business, people are now embracing this trend and want to get their website built. Most people may have a question in their minds that where to learn all the programming and web development?

Well, those days are now long past when you had to be a programming guru in order to do web development. You can start this business with basic knowledge of programming and there are now platforms such as Wix or WordPress available that make web development so much simpler and easier.

3. Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies have now evolved and digital marketing is currently being used for business marketing all over the world. To be able to start a digital marketing business, you need to have the right skills and knowledge to come up with effective and powerful digital marketing strategies. 

To succeed in the digital marketing industry, you have in-depth knowledge of how marketing works and what is currently trending on social media websites and platforms. You must also be able to create engaging and trending content and anyone who has been using social media for some time might be familiar with all of this. 

4. Freelancing

If you feel like you have a specialty in any online field then you can start freelancing. There are a lot of online websites and platforms available from where you can start off your freelancing journey but make sure that you have got the right skills and you can deliver the required work. You can also set up a website of your own or use social media for your promotion. You will be surprised to see how much profit there is in the freelancing industry and how people would be willing to pay you for some of the easiest tasks. 

5. Software Development

If you feel like you have got the right skills then there is no reason why you should start a software development business. You will need things like programming skills, a laptop, and a working internet connection. The demand for programmers and developers is increasing globally with every passing day, whether it is the gaming industry for the development of apps like Words With Friends or the app development industry, the demand has increased substantially in the past decade.

There is almost no downside of having a software development company since you will be having virtual meetings with your clients and working from home because the internet has made communication so much easier and you can have clients from all over the world without any physical meet-ups. Everything will be done virtually and on the cloud and you will be able to run a successful software development business.

6. Online Courses

This might be coming as a surprise but in many countries around the world, people have become millionaires just by teaching others online. The trend of teaching people online in Zimbabwe is almost equal to nil and this is something that could rake in tonnes of money for those who have the caliber. 

There are online platforms available and in addition to that, you can always use social media for bringing in clients and you can also use email lists. There are so many opportunities available but only for those who can avail of them.