ZPC relocates 90 homesteads in Mat North

Zesa power lines


THE Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) has relocated villagers from 90 homesteads in Matabeleland North province to pave way for a 360km powerline which stretches from Hwange to Insukumini near Bulawayo.

ZPC’s expansion project entails construction of a new power plant with a 600-megawatt capacity.

It also includes significant transmission infrastructure to facilitate transfer of power to the national grid.

ZPC engineer Forbes Chanakira, who is the project site manager, said 90 homesteads were affected, adding that the villagers would be relocated to pave way for the project.

“The transmission lines require a servitude of 60 metres which must be cleared to pave way for the powerlines which in our case is about 360km. About 90 homesteads have been affected; these are project-affected persons,” Chanakira said. “The thrust of the project is to make people better than what they were before the commencement of the project.

“The project has been received with warm hands, people are happy because we are constructing new dwellings for them.”

Pedisai Moyo, the assistant project manager, said major work was in Mazvi, where 29 houses were being constructed for the relocated villagers. The project cuts through Hwange rural district, Tsholotsho, Lupane and Umguza up to Insukamini near Bulawayo.