The coaching career of Sven-Göran Eriksson


Eriksson is one of the most successful club managers ever. The Swedish had excellent spells in many different leagues and as 1xBet is a popular bet company, it also features matches in cups where Eriksson was.

Eriksson’s coaching career started in his native Sweden, where he coached the teams Degerfors IF and IFK Göteborg. He was highly successful in the Swedish competition, and that’s the reason why in 1982 he made an important move in his career. This is because in this year he left Sweden to join Portuguese giants Benfica.

The coach was immediately successful in Portugal. He won many competitions in the two years that he spent in that country. These Portuguese competitions are featured at 1xBet, which is a popular bet company that provides many gambling options and where Portuguese players show their talent.

Success in Italy

Sven-Göran Eriksson started to gain international recognition during the 14 years that he spent at various Italian clubs. All the Serie A teams are featured at 1xBet – try live betting now on all Italian squads.

The first team he joined in that country was Roma. However, he wasn’t as successful as fans expected. After three seasons he joined Fiorentina, where he significantly improved how the team played, and was very close to winning some important silverware.

After a brief second spell at Benfica he returned to Italy to coach Sampdoria, where he spent five seasons. However, true success for the Swedish came when he joined Lazio in 1997. He spent four seasons at this team and he won many trophies. It is really a good idea to try live betting at 1xBet now, as many teams fight for the trophies, and users can enjoy their chances.

International career

Probably one of the most controversial moves of Sven-Göran Eriksson was when he agreed to coach the English national team. For many, it seemed like an aberration that the country where football was born had a coach that was from a different country. Later, Eriksson went on to coach other national squads. It is possible to make your best football bets online on 1xBet website in many national teams from many places around the world, with great odds. Some of the teams that Eriksson coached included:

  • Mexico;
  • Ivory Coast;
  • and Philippines.

Eriksson’s spell at Mexico was not as successful as fans expected. During his time in North America, the Swede was the best paid coach in the world. However, results didn’t reflect his high wages. That’s why he spent only around a year in Mexico, before departing for other countries. The best online football bets are always on your website, 1xBet, which has dozens of options in local and international competitions.