Strategies to Significantly Reduce Cellulite Appearance on Your Body


Cellulite is a big problem in nearly all women. Most of them have fat that bulges out of the skin in the buttocks, stomach, legs, or thighs. Cellulite is caused by the bulging of fat through the outer layer of the skin, leading to a dimpled, rutted appearance. While cellulite cannot be gotten rid of completely, there are some proven ways of significantly reducing its appearance on the body. In this article, we discuss various strategies including diet, use of a cellulite crème like vitalizer, and exercising. Read on to learn more.

Diet to Fight Cellulite

Drink Lots of Water

Hydrating your body is an effective way of keeping your skin looking renewed and fresh, which can significantly reduce cellulite appearance. You should form a habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water every day as this ensures your body gets all the water it requires.

Ideally, you want to take your first glass of water in the morning, before you have tea or coffee. Make sure you have a water bottle with you throughout the day and ensure you refill it often.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

There are many benefits to be got from filling your diet with healthy fruits and vegetables. The most important one is weight loss which helps to reduce cellulite appearance. Also, fruits and vegetables have high water content, ensuring you are properly hydrated throughout the day.

Eat healthy fats

The cellulite phenomenon results from fat forming just beneath the skin. However, if you keep your skin healthy and toned, cellulite will not be as noticeable. Take to the habit of eating foods like nuts, olive oil, fish, and avocado as all these are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, an essential component for healthy skin.

Stay Away from Foods that Aggravate your Cellulite

Eating foods that retain water and cause you to put more weight increases the cellulite you have. To reduce the appearance of cellulite on your legs, thighs, and stomach, stay away from these foods:

  • Fried foods like fried chicken and French fries
  • Packaged snacks like corn chips, cheese puffs, potato chips, and pretzels
  • Salty foods like dips or canned soups and dressings lead the body to retain more water,
  • Equally, avoid foods high in sugar like baked goods, candy, soda etc, as they make you gain weight.
  • Drinking alcohol mixed with cranberry juice or soda is bad for you as it encourages weight gain and causes the body to retain more water.

Switch to a new skincare regimen

Dry-brush your skin

Dry-brushing increases blood circulation and encourage the flushing out of toxins, which is critical to reducing cellulite appearance. When shopping for a body brush, choose one made from natural fibres, and make sure you perform a dry brushing routine every morning.


  • Dry both your skin and brush before you start
  • Brush upward starting from the feet toward your heart. Focus more on parts with cellulite, like your buttocks and thighs.
  • Take a bath after brushing as it washes away the toxins and dead skin cells that have appeared on the surface of the body.

Improve Skin Tone

While taking measures that make the skin look healthy and tight does not guarantee complete cellulite disappearance, it can drastically reduce its appearance. Use the techniques below:

  • Bathe in cool or lukewarm water, instead of hot. Cool water will tighten the skin and make it look more toned.
  • Choose a skin moisturizer that contains caffeine. When shopping for a skin moisturizer, look for one with a minimum of 5% caffeine, because caffeine not only improves the skin tone but also reduces cellulite appearance.
  • Combine this with another cellulite crème like Vitalizer, to reduce cellulite appearance. It is one of the best crèmes for reducing cellulite.

Use a spray tan product

Another way to reduce cellulite appearance is to make your skin colour look more even. Select a spray tan product a shade darker than your skin. When applying it, ensure you do so evenly over your thighs and legs, not only in the parts of the body with cellulite.


The cellulite crème you choose will be helped a great deal by incorporating some exercises. Here are a few things you should try:

Weight Training

Unlike cardio, weight training tones the muscles found under the skin and make them look more taught. This significantly reduces cellulite appearance.


  • Purchase free weights and do exercises for toning your abs, thighs, and buttocks. Also, do arm exercises if you have cellulite on your arms.
  • Enrol on a gym and have a trainer help you to increase the weight you lift with time. Effective muscle building is when you lift heavier weights fewer times than doing several reps carrying a lighter load.

Perform high-intensity exercises

Combining weight training with workouts that make your heart pump enables you to gain more lean muscles. With time, this will give your buttocks and thighs a smoother appearance.


  • Perform outdoor sprints. Measure a 0.4km distance on your area of practice and sprint the distance. Taking a 20-second-break, do the exercise four times. Add more sprints to your belt to improve.
  • Do bike sprints. You can either use your stationary bike or bicycle and ride as quick as you can preferably uphill for only a few minutes.
  • Do sprints on the treadmill. If working out indoors, set the treadmill faster and keep sprinting for about three minutes. Later on, as you improve, you can increase the speed.


Cellulite is a common phenomenon in about 90% of women. It appears on different parts of the body like the thighs, buttocks, and stomach to mention but a few. Unfortunately, getting rid of cellulite completely is not possible. However, with a combination of strategies, you can reduce their appearance on your skin. You need to update your diet and include lots of vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy fats. Also, do different exercises, and use top cellulite crème like Vitalizer. By taking this multi-faceted approach, you will diminish the appearance of cellulite on your body.