Mr Zim advocates for male recognition in pageantry



EIGNING Mister Senior Zimbabwe 2022 King Future Nyoni said male models should be accorded equal opportunities and treated in the same way with their female counterparts.

Nyoni told NewsDay Life & Style that male models were also capable of executing tasks with expertise.

“Zimbabwean male models should also be recognised and supported financially just like how female models are treated,” he said.

“As male models we also need incentives or prizes when participating in these pageants. There must be equal opportunities and recognition to all potential models even those in the countryside if we are to really grow our modelling industry.”

Nyoni believes that if male models are seriously supported, modelling can be a full-time career for some.

“There is a lot of potential in this industry, but we lack long-lasting sponsorship and support to sustain it. If well harnessed, modelling can be quite lucrative,” he said.

Nyoni said poor dissemination of information on public platforms was another drawback that limited the performance of male models in this industry.

“It took me long to win this tittle as most of the time I would not get the chance to see the advert so that I could send my application. I believe it was a result of lack of exposure especially on the countryside where I stayed,” he said.

“I strongly believe that the Mr Zimbabwe contest should be open to all and not to a few select individuals.

“Every Zimbabwean male has the right to access any information that has to do with the national pageant and should be given an equal opportunity to showcase their talent.”

Nyoni said a lot needed to be done to improve the state of the country’s modelling industry.

“Zimbabwe’s modelling industry still needs support especially when it comes to monetary issues.

“My word of advice to up-and-coming models is that their aspirations should be the main catalyst for them to reach stardom,” he said.

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