Intanga Poetry Corner: Letter to mother

Alicia Pistis Nduna

By Alicia Pistis Nduna

Your love is like an island

In a lifeless ocean,

Made of deep devotion and sacrifice.

My first country l lived in

In you l was created

And for me you were created.

You are charming

your food is enchanting

 but your love is everlasting.

Strong as a lion ,

fearless as lioness

pure as a dove.

So many stars in the sky but yours shines brighter

sometimes l ask myself where l would be today without your motherly advice ultimate sacrifices

All my sorrows washed away like make up on a widow’s face because of  your presence

You turned me into sunshine,

Today where ever l go

 My light shines bright

You encouraged me to dream

Fostering and nurturing the Seeds of ubuntu in me

l am because you are.

In my battles

 You are my soldier

In darkness

You showed me light

When l thought that l wouldn’t make it

You gave me strength and courage

In hopelessness you showed me a ray of hope

How to dance in the storm you taught me

I have crossed so many bridges of life

 Because of you

You always give me a reason To:




Your sweet voice brings happiness in my life

Your eyes brighten my days

Words aren’t enough to say thank you mom