Chief rallies subjects to build community hall


Chief Vuyani Nyangazonke Ndiweni of Matobo district in Matabeleland South province has mobilised his subjects to build a multi-purpose community hall close to his homestead.

The hall, according to the traditional leader, would be used for the chief’s court sessions, church gatherings as well as burial society meetings.

He said the project started last year, with villagers contributing either R20 or US$1 each. The chief has offered his tractor and truck to be used in transporting building material.

“We started this project last year with the idea that we should build a community hall close to the chief’s home for the benefit of the community. Those who want to hold meetings, church services and other activities will be allowed to book the hall,” Chief Nyangazonke said.

“People contributed R20 or US$1 towards this as it is their project. The idea was that we should not always look up to the government for everything but we should have our own income-generating initiatives.

“The chief’s home is always open for people who get stranded or who would be travelling. Maybe they have a breakdown, they are accommodated at the chief’s homestead, so we want to build two or three rooms at the hall to accommodate those who would need shelter.”

The chief said plans were afoot to install internet facilities to connect the community with the rest of the world.

Chief Nyangazonke said self-help projects were the only solution for the community, adding that he intended to have a number of dams constructed to enable his subjects to start fish farming business for self-sustenance.

“Everyone has been hard hit by COVID-19 and lost sources of income. There is a need to create jobs and I have been planning that this time, we have more rain, but we have no dams. The plan is that we must construct more dams here so that we also enable people here to start fish farming business and earn a living through it,” he said.

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