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Letters to the Editor: ED must arrest corrupt ministers

Another big issue is corruption. Mnangagwa should just order the police and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to clamp down on ministers and parastatal bosses who are engaging in corrupt activities.

IN Zimbabwe, it is very easy to stop corruption and demonstrations. President Emmerson Mnangagwa does not have to use brutal force and intimidation.

Firstly, Mnangagwa  should find out why the people are demonstrating and then find ways to deal with the problems being faced by the citizens.

Another big issue is corruption. Mnangagwa should just order the police and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to clamp down on ministers and parastatal bosses who are engaging in corrupt activities.

Then there is police brutality.

Mnangagwa should just govern Zimbabwe as a country, not a village.

He must govern all the people who make up Zimbabwe equally and not show favour to Zanu PF card-carrying members.

Fellow Zimbabweans, let us join the movement and do away with this failure of a regime. The choices are yours.

On the other hand, we have some people who are not in government who are busy co-ordinating sideshows, at the same time abusing taxpayers’ money on programmes that are of no benefit to the ordinary man on the streets.

These should be ordered to stay in their lane and stop State capture. –Torai Shumba

Access to information vital for community development

MATOBO residents have said access to information is critical for development and are calling for a bridging of the information gap that they allege has been their bane.

This, among a plethora of other issues, emerged during Internews’ visit to the Sontala Clinic site to conduct a mid-term review exercise designed to rigorously measure and assess the impact of the Zimbabwe Media Development project interventions.

Ward 12 councillor Ernest Ncube raised the issue pertaining to paucity of information on current affairs both at district and national level. He also bemoaned the lack of local news coverage.

As rural residents or communities, there are a lot of issues or news they need heralded, be it current affairs happening within the district or news on land degradation, gender based violence. They feel sidelined in terms of information dissemination.

Ncube further decried the media blackout on information relating to how the community is benefiting from its resources.

He expressed disappointment at the opaqueness surrounding the selling of resources which smacks of exploitation of locals by people from other districts and provinces. He added that the underdevelopment in Matobo does not reflect its rich endowment.

Ncube said residents want to know about the resources that are there in Matobo and how they can benefit from those resources in terms of community development.

He expressed concern that their district is poor in terms of development, but rich in what it exports to other districts.

There is gold in Matobo as well as mopane worms and these are supposed to benefit the locals.

Sontala Clinic project chairperson Inviolata Ncube shared similar sentiments with Ncube and also emphasised that women must not be excluded and are entitled to their pound of flesh when it comes to benefiting from local resources.

Effective information dissemination is critical for the upliftment of women in the district.

The residents said they need information on their local resources and other projects that can bail us out women.

Gone are the days when men could single-handedly provide for their families. There are mines, but resident do not know how they operate and what they contribute as far as Matobo development is concerned.

Community news is of great importance to residents. In addition to keeping them informed, it is also good for community development in that it can attract potential funders for community projects.

Community news providers would do well by incorporating local languages in their publications.

They also prefer newsletters in their own language, especially in hard copy if possible. Reading news in the mother tongue would go a long way in enhancing comprehension of community issues.

Access to factual news and the need to keep the local community informed is very important.

Few people can afford mobile smart phones and mobile data. Community news help in terms of creating awareness, especially on the COVID-19 lockdown enforcement regulations and health education. –Community Podium

No to abortion in Zim

IN recent months, there has been a lot of buzz about abortion. Tens of thousands of women in America have demonstrated as they felt outraged that their right to kill their unborn child is threatened.

The greatest deception of all time is the belief that it is acceptable to terminate the life of the child in the womb and it is not an important issue that the baby suffers excruciating pain during the abortion.

Abortion has become just another means of birth control as doctors grow their bank accounts.

Zimbabweans must not permit abortion on demand to be legalised and need to be aware of the intentions of overseas organisations to bring their sick practices here. All lives need to be valued, whether in the womb or not. –Paula De Jong

Well done Malunga for honouring Chikupo

SOMETIME in 1979, Tinei Chikupo performed at St Mary’s Hall in Chitungwiza. The hall was filled to capacity. Chikupo had just released his hit song Chamunorwa. When he sang it, the crowd went into a frenzy. On the song, he sang “Chamunorwa usarova mai hazvina kunaka unotora ngozi”, literally referring to Rhodesian Forces who used to beat up women the age of their mothers.

Another song with political connotations was Waiona mhuka inemavara, he meant Rhodesian Forces who used to wear camouflage uniforms terorrising the black majority.

Why Chikupo’s name is not mentioned in the books of artistes who sang political songs still remains a mystery.

Kudos to Clive Malunga for honouring Chikupo. –Alexio Rashirai