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DeMonso sings for cultural restoration



AFRO contemporary musician Harmony “DeMonso” Mazhindu says he seeks to encourage society to restore its moral and cultural campus through his forthcoming debut album titled Sango, to be released soon.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style early this week, DeMonso said unlike other musicians who have turned to dirty lyrics to popularise their music, he entered the music scene to entertain, share valuable and helpful lessons.

“Through my music I want society to be restored in terms of social values as well as inspire young people to be traditionally cultured. It is my wish for the public to develop a positive mindset, particularly on our culture. A country without morals and values has no honor before God and the world,” he said.

DeMonso said the album is about life in general. It advocates for the embracement of our culture, moral values, and beliefs as Africans.

The album disseminates knowledge on how our elders lived in the yesteryears, hence teaching the modern-day generation how the life of an African evolves.

“The responses I am expecting from the fans is not just to like and dance to my music, but it should be helpful in their lives and make them realise who they are as Zimbabweans.”

The musician said he took time to release the album due to financial constraints and the need to find his strength in the showbiz industry

“I have been working on this album that will have two accompanying videos for a year. I have been doing singles only for the past three years. The videos to be recorded are for the songs Mudzimu Dzoka and Manhenda,” he said.

DeMonso said the album produced at Knowledge and Oscar Music studio (KOM) in Harare carries songs Manhenda, Mudzimu Dzoka, Kure Nehama, Kuvhunduka and Tirimusango.

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