Cyberspace a new frontier for marketers: Mutsvangwa

Monica Mutsvangwa


INFORMATION minister Monica Mutsvangwa has urged marketers to utilise the cyber-space if they are to remain relevant in the modern world.

Mutsvangwa said this on Wednesday while addressing the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe’s 13th convention in Kariba which ran under the theme Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

“The cyber-space is now the new frontier for the marketer who desires to remain relevant to the modern world.  Need I say that so much that has changed due to technology and we have to keep ourselves abreast with developments. Let us adopt the new technologies in our line of work so that we do not lag behind,” she said.

“Excitedly, as Zimbabwe, we are leading the pack in the region by exporting our training expertise to our neighbours in Zambia and Malawi through partnerships that our association has created. This is a giant move on the part of the country and we hope that we will continue on that trajectory.”

Mutsvangwa urged marketers to make use of the available platforms to market the country.

“We must take advantage of all available local and global platforms to market our country in the interest of image-building.

“Those platforms are very important and key for the upliftment and development of one another, and for knowledge sharing to keep us abreast of industry best practices, that always have to be on the cutting edge.

“As we speak, we also have the Expo 2020 Dubai which is ongoing. I hope you as marketers will take a leaf from the displays and strategies being employed there, and that you played a part and have representatives in Dubai who are marketing Brand Zimbabwe,”she added.

“Zimbabwe and indeed Africa possesses enormous potential in every economic sphere. It, therefore, falls upon us as marketers to showcase these endowments and spur the growth of intra and inter country trade on the continent.

“Governments in sub-Saharan Africa have already begun to open up our continent to free trade through such initiatives as the African Continental Free Trade Area, whose purpose it is to ensure that trade between countries on the continent is not only accelerated, but is deepened to strengthen our economies.

“This has the potential to create a single African market with a potential gross domestic product of over US$3 trillion, effectively making Africa the largest free trade area in the world.”

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