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Techzim: the best way to buy ZESA tokens


Buying electricity tokens can be a huge stress sometimes especially the first few days of the month. This is because ZESA’s systems sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of transactions at that time. This results in failure to buy or worse, you make payment but the token doesn’t come.

The best way to have peace of mind when doing this type of transaction is to use a service provider that emphasises customer service. Techzim is one such service provider. How does Techzim help you maintain your sanity during the whole electricity token purchasing process?

First, Techzim’s systems are designed as far as possible not to take your money if the ZESA system that generates tokens is down or overwhelmed. When this is detected, the Techzim platform will stop you from buying the token. It will display the following message: Sorry we’re not accepting ZESA orders at the moment because of challenges with the ZESA platform. Please try later

That prevents customers from trying to buy tokens at a time when ZESA is not working properly which will result in money being taken but the token not being delivered.

The second way Techzim helps ZESA customers is by means of a diligent and dedicated customer service team. Sometimes the ZESA system just fails to deliver tokens while money has already been taken. The Techzim team makes all the follow ups on behalf of customers who buy on their platforms. They will inform you every step what will be happening.

Leesa Chigombe, one of the Techzim customer service officers says, “It is very frustrating for customers to make payment and then not get what they paid for. We understand that the ZESA system gets overwhelmed sometimes and when our customers are affected we don’t rest until their issue is resolved either by getting their token or when ZESA has failed to generate the token completely we refund our customers.”

So what are the Techzim platforms? Customers can buy electricity tokens just by dialing *405# on any network. They can also use the Techzim website here (and it works even when one has no internet) or even buy on WhatsApp by just sending the word hi to 0717684274

It is not just ZESA available on these platforms. You also get all network airtime, Nyaradzo and other bill payments.

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