Maduwa pledges to help police fight mugging

Tendai Humbasha Maduwa


IN the midst of a spike in robbery and mugging cases in the country’s cities and towns, multi-talented artist Tendai Humbasha Maduwa has pledged his services as a martial artist to help police to fight the vice.

Maduwa pledged his services after he recently fell victim to mugging in Harare.

Narrating his ordeal on Facebook, Maduwa, who is also Awake Zimbabwe Trust executive director, said he fractured one of the muggers’ right hand during the scuffle.

“One of them was jogging from behind and whistled, I kept walking pretending not to hear him, he ordered me to stop, but I kept on walking with the same pace,” he said.

“Three more guys appeared from an anthill which is somewhat surrounded by a few trees and I stopped, the guy from behind arrived.

“They did not waste time, they requested I give them my phone, watch, sneakers and in money. I was coming from training with absolutely nothing much with me.”

“I don’t negotiate with thieves, so let’s pretend nothing happened and you go your way and I go mine in peace.

“I provoked them to anger and they attacked. Well, a kicking spree happened, one of them, a slightly tall guy, who has Afro/locks got his right hand fractured,” he said.

Maduwa said he has since written to police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga volunteering to work with the law enforcements agents.

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