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Penyai pens new anthology



A COLUMNIST with a local language newspaper, Ishmail Penyai has released his latest poetry anthology titled Yarira Yekanyi published by Dzekanyi Publications in Chimanimani.

The anthology has 30 poems about life, religion, witchcraft, sorrow, love, dreams and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The book carries the message of love and oneness, no matter what happens or one is doing today, remain yourself and nothing beats being yourself.

“Don’t be a copycat, don’t envy what the guy next door is doing, but envy yourself,” he said.

“This book is full of humour and one will enjoy the humour through their reading session. Poems to look forward to are Chikristu Chemuzakazi Nekatsi, Chikoti Chemuthakati Ichi, Cobra Mumusoro and Mazwi emuromo Wangu.”

Penyai said his target market were locals and those who speak Ndau in neighbouring Mozambique.

“They say wine does better with age, I am not shy to admit that this is the best book I have so far written in my mother language. I have read it several times and I keep feeling like reading it right up to the grave,” Penyai said.

“What I see and hear motivates me to write poems. I just love writing beyond my passion as I can write without using my brain, that is my relationship with my mother language.”

Penyai said the book would be available in local shops, Ndau speaking schools and in Mozambique.

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