How do you use artificial intelligence to support your online platform?

This post will discuss the new AI technology and share our tips on how to use it to support your online platform.

The name and concept of artificial intelligence are almost unavoidable in today’s (even ordinary) discourses, so you’ve probably heard of its uses. Developments related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are expected to pick up even more year by year, and it is predicted that by 2022, 80% of modern technologies will be related somehow to these.

In this article we’ve gathered a few tips on how you could integrate an AI system into your online platform:

Go through a level in the search

The fact is already widely known that artificial intelligence is used by many companies in search engines. They analyze user data and constantly learn from it, so they can really show results that are relevant to a potential buyer. The use of AI in this area is almost expected, like cart abandonment (= abandonment; the situation where the visitor leaves the site without making a purchase) is cited by many researchers as the main reason for the inappropriate user experience.- irrelevant search results contribute to this. In addition to finding the right products, artificial intelligence also allows users to discover complimentary products by their size, color, shape, fabric, or even brand – the visual capabilities of such software are extremely outstanding.

Improve your recommendations

By using artificial intelligence, brands can search the vast amount of data at their disposal more intelligently and efficiently, so they can predict customer behavior and offer relevant and useful recommendations to individual consumers. Today’s dynamically growing e-commerce sector has revolutionized the customer experience by allowing the user to find the perfect product – even if they are not actively looking for it. Every giant does it differently: Amazon makes recommendations based on users ’past activities and purchases, Netflix suggests series and movies based on which category the user has had multiple interactions with (e.g., drama, comedy, action), and eBay collects specific user feedback on products and then recommend those who have shown similar behavior on the site. Whichever way you choose or whatever type of referral system you choose, your e-commerce platform can only benefit from these solutions.

User experience and better design

Let’s start with how AI technology directly affects the user experience. Well, with AI, all mobile or browser platform design has improved the leaps. The features of the platform are now more responsive, and the constant crash is a thing of the past. The better design also means less charging time and a more personalized platform. Imagine this, for example; you just opened a casino game in a browser to view its slots collection based on its game history. In this case, the AI ​​just happened! In short, AI technology makes the use of casino platforms smarter and simpler. This will save you valuable time spent browsing through hundreds of titles to find your favorite game.

Bridging the gap between personalization and privacy

There have been a number of concerns about the topic of personalized customer experience in recent years, and user privacy is a highly topical topic that will become even more important in the future. Brands are actively working to take transparency, security, and honesty to a whole new level — yet they can’t afford to stop personalizing the user experience, given its critical role in any successful e-commerce business. How can e-merchants solve this problem? An interesting way is the answer lies in artificial intelligence. Users feel more comfortable sharing their data when they get something really valuable in return. AI allows e-commerce companies to deliver an exceptional customer experience they would not be able to do without – artificial intelligence bridges the gap between personalization and privacy.

Continuous support

Another area where AI is much used is the customer support section. More and more platforms are implementing chat boxes where you can address your questions or concerns. Sometimes you have fixed questions, and answers prepared in advance for them. But with an AI system, you can address any question, and they will respond to you. They gather all the needed information from their database. Basically, it works just like a virtual assistant (Google, Siri, etc.), but they are specialized in a certain domain.

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