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Behaviour change key to combating COVID-19


THE exponential rise in COVID-19 infections has exerted fresh pressure on Zimbabwe’s frail health delivery system.

Hospitals are filling up fast, and the deployment of resources towards the importation of vaccines should surely be over-stretching the country’s meagre resources.

Collective campaigns encouraging Zimbabweans to adhere to several measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 are being viewed as cheap talk, as very few are taking heed.

This has been demonstrated by the number of infections in areas previously seen as safe havens — the rural areas.

When the virus exploded last year, Zimbabweans returned to their villages because they were seen as safer than urban communities.

Based on the number of infection cases in the rural areas today, the pandemic has spread to all provinces and no area is deemed safe anymore.

Traditionally, rural communities had fewer COVID-19-related deaths.

Given that the country is recording more deaths due to the virus, if official records are anything to go by, we should all be seized with ensuring that we adhere to precautions.

The battle to combat the deadly virus is getting tougher each day as the geographical space requiring official attention widens.

The solution lies in ourselves.

While government presses ahead with procuring vaccines, individuals must seriously consider the repercussions of wandering dangerously, without observing measures put in place to combat the spread of the killer virus.

Just as it is irresponsible to fasten a seat belt when you get to a police roadblock, it is equally irresponsible to be prompted to wear a mask by the presence of law enforcement agents.

Wearing face masks have saved millions.

It saved millions during the Spanish influenza in 1920.

Social distancing must be common language at our homes, and parents must drill their kids to understand the gravity of the dangers on hand.

It is worrying that Zimbabweans behave as if everything is normal, leaving children to congregate on the streets and gather at watering points.

We risk losing this war.

If this happens, one shudders to imagine what would happen next.

The scale of deaths we have witnessed will rise.

Zimbabweans must not wait for this time to arrive.

A single death is one too many, let us act now to stop the scourge before it wipes out the entire nation.

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