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Drop High Court suit and I’ll drop criminal charges against you: Harare man told


By Desmond Chingarande

A Harare man has been told by his estranged girlfriend to drop the US$500 000 lawsuit against her so that she drop criminal charges she filed at the magistrate’s courts.

Denton Leslie Boschie (49) is facing several criminal charges against him that includes several assaults counts and the one he is accused of recording her while having sexual intercourse with her the allegations that was dismissed by magistrate Sharon Rakafa at he close of the State case.

The matter which was postponed to Thursday this week. Two of the charges dismissed by the magistrate after there was no evidence to implicate Boschie.

The complainant Haden Tebb Tanya Robin told court that on several occasions Boschie physically attacked her for no reason but Boschie denied the allegations in court saying Robin filed counter criminal charges against him because he had filed a US$500 000 lawsuit against her.

Boschie also denied recording the sexual act saying it was just sour grape over the lawsuit he filed against her.

He further said it was actually Robin who planted CCTV in the house saying maids were stealing from her.

Boschie was also accused of forcing Robin to change the ownership of her house to his and also of assaulting her for not preparing him food, the allegations he denied saying this was due to the lawsuit he filed against her.

“These allegations were designed to intimidate me to abandon the half a million dollars lawsuit which is under the High Court had high prospects of success, ” Boschie told court.

Boschie also told court that when the relationship broke he moved out of the house and started bid to remove his belonging but he met challenges after the complainant refused to gave him path to remove his belonging.

He further said Robin obtained a reciprocal peace order at the Harare Magistrates Court to stop him from collecting his property that he had left in her house.

Judgement was reserved for Thursday.

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