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Byo gospel artiste on my heart is yours visuals



BULAWAYO- BASED gospel artiste Sipho Snowy Ncube has said she will be releasing a video of his latest song My heart is Yours on his Snowy Official You Tube channel at 2pm this Friday.

Ncube told NewsDay Life &Style that the song plucked off his forthcoming second album titled Uyisagila Sami was inspired by life experiences and God’s grace upon his life.

“The song is a way of expressing how I feel to God and telling him that I am totally nothing without Him. In other words, I am saying to God I give my soul to you and my emotions to you,” he said.

“This is a worship song which really draws people towards God and it’s an expression of how we feel when we are in God’s presence.”

Ncube said the video of the song was shot about two years ago, but he could not release it on time due to financial problems.

“The video is taken from the live DVD which I recorded in 2019 but due to finance constraints I could only release it this year and Fusion Media Group (FMG) recorded the visuals,” he said.

“The video is based on the art of worship. Mainly people giving grace to the Lord and worshiping him for all that he does in their lives. It is going to portray an art of worship and people should look forward to it.”

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