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5 things that improve work performance


HIGH performance has obvious benefits which include profitability and company growth. There are motives or things that lead to great employee performance. Different scholars have researched on reasons why some employees perform better than others.

This article looks at the part on the things that lead to better performance. Some of these are from the innate abilities of the person, but most of these can be learned and improved.


We live in fast-changing and challenging times and that calls for people that are open-minded, not only to learning, but possibilities. Rabison Shumba once wrote: “The level of your mental exposure determines the level of your success.”  What you expose your mind to will determine your expert knowledge. When winds of change are sweeping, what you need are people that are able to make critical decisions and contribute to the future of the organisation.


Expertise talks to skill, proficiency, capability, information, know-how and the ability to executive fast, effectively and efficiently. A skill, unlike talent, can be learnt by anyone. This takes the agility and willingness to learn. Companies are looking for skills in people. Remember, times are changing and the most competitive person is the one willing to learn fast and acquire a skill that is relevant for the future.

Emotional intelligence

Expertise is not enough, we need also social intelligence. According to Daniel Goleman (1998), emotional intelligence (EI) entails self-awareness. Self-awareness includes emotional awareness, accurate self-awareness and self-confidence.

EI also is built on self-regulation. Self-regulation encapsulates self-control, adaptability, trustworthiness, innovation and conscientiousness. Self-motivation is also an ingredient of EI. Components that build self-motivation include commitment, optimism, and personal drive. Empathy is also part of EI.

It is the ability to read other people’s emotions, needs and concerns. This takes understanding others, being politically aware of diverse groups in your work space, leveraging diversity and even developing others. This takes a great heart that cares for others.

EI is incomplete without social skills. These are mainly the intangible skills that determine how you are perceived at times without saying anything.

For example, your attitude is just like perfume, it wafts into the air without your effort.

So, everyone including leaders must improve on social skills such as communication, attitude, leadership, team matrix, change, and conflict management.


When most companies are employing they include experience. Experience mainly brings together top skills you have leant, your maturity and your expertise.

Experience is never enough alone without the aforementioned. Besides, some people have accumulated years at work, but never improved on anything. Some people have grown old at work, but have not grown up.


Excellence is the ability to do your work exceptionally. Whatever you do you must leave your fingerprints on it; the Midas touch. Being distinct is what gets people to the top.  Strive to do better than your previous act.

Aristotle once said: “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

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