CBZ Bank Launches Student Visa Credit Card


CBZ Bank has launched a Student Visa Credit Card which is specially designed for students. The card is available to any student registered with any local or international University or any Academic/Professional Institution.  Students who are non-CBZ account holders can also apply for the card.

Students can make payments using the CBZ Visa Credit student card in a convenient and secure manner. The card is available in USD. The application process of the card has been simplified as students can just scan and send required application documents to contactcentre@cbz.co.zw for processing. The card will be ready for collection within 48 hours.

An acceptance letter from the university or college will also be required for one to get the student card.

The Bank has also made it easier for top up options as this could be done by cash deposits or transfers from Nostro accounts. Parents or Guardians can deposit or transfer funds into the card and the process is instant. This service eliminates the need to send money to students out of the country through telegraphic transfers which is long and costly. The Visa Credit Card account charges have been made affordable as the Bank appreciates and recognize the financial status of students.

CBZ Bank has also set limits which enable students to conduct transactions using the card. The daily transaction limit is US$500.00 cash, US$5,000.00 for online purchases and US$5,000 on Point of Sale. The monthly limits are US$5,000 cash, US$10,000.00 for online purchases and US$10,000 on Point of Sale. We expect that students will be able to make online payments, cash withdrawals and POS transactions 24/7. The card is also contactless enabled for low value transactions. Students with CBZ accounts can view their balances through CBZ Touch which is an integrated mobile application.

Besides the student card CBZ has a Visa Gold Card for all its account holders and non CBZ customers and this card gives clients the financial freedom to transact anywhere on the Globe. There are also other exciting card value added services that will be launched soon for the comfort of CBZ clients.