With over 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become a perfect avenue for small business owners and brand managers to reach out and connect with their customers and targeted audience. But the major question is- Where to start? How to start? Below are the list of tips and tricks that will help you in creating contents that will boost your engagement, interaction and also assist you in building awareness around your image. Being strategic while planning and creating a post is a very effective exercise as it helps you to effectively use the resources available.

1.    Prioritise Valuable Content

The most important thing to consider while making a post is to be aware that it is a valuable input for your followers. Your content must make people want to engage with it. Something that is new to them, or something that is in any way beneficial to them. People will want to come back for more and spend their time when you can keep them engaged. Whole Facebook is a perfect venue for providing updates on your business, ensuring you don’t over-do because nobody wants to read about your company outing or in-depth reports. Rather, provide value by sharing contents like product tips, behind-the-scenes items, photo gallery, and interviews with famous personalities etc. This builds your brand’s credibility and people find your page resourceful. Make a regular weekly or monthly feature of providing discounts or promo codes and offers on products and services. Make sure your followers know it’s a recurring feature so that they come for more. This will not just keep them engaged but they will also spread the word and expand your reach, which will increase engagement and number of Facebook followers.

2.    Be strategic with images.

Refrain from posting stand-alone photos of the products and services you offer. Instead, post stories about your happy and satisfied customers and how happy they are with the product. Share customer reviews. Besides, also make sure that it’s easy for your followers to tag the brand name whenever they use your product or services. Make sure you repost and share them. Moreover, build a strategy and create a calendar for posting as any last minute, unplanned posts are very messy and lack quality which does more harm than good for your brand as it indicates lack of organization. Thus, create a monthly or weekly calendar that will help you organise and  create goals, achieve those goals and track your progress. To make one, simply use your regular calendar, list the posts you want, the themes, the hashtags, the links or any other thing that you aim for.

3.    Avoid lengthy posts.

Long, lengthy posts never are a way of increasing engagement on your post. Neither do people read it, nor would they like, share or comment- which is what you are looking for. Don’t overwrite. Be limited as nobody is interested in more than 20% text. Use the Facebook’s Image Text Check for this. You have just 2.6s to grab the attention of the viewer, this if you want your post to garner attention, keep it short, crisp and sweet. 100-250 character is a decent size of a post. The shorter the content, the more they are read, the greater engagement and attention comes. Thus, even if you think a long content is very fascinating, abstain from posting it in the form of texts. Make videos in the form of story as outstanding visuals goes a long way in getting required attention.

4.    Focus on engagement.

Any social media doesn’t act on their own. You have to work if you intend to reap the benefits that it offers. Aim at interaction and engagement in order to promote your business. Moreover interactions and engagements will help you turn your friendly followers into valuable customers. When you interact and engage with your followers, you understand your audience, what they expect, what kind of products they need and want, what kind of  posts they like viewing and engaging with. This not only helps you grow as a brand, but makes you a credible, responsible brand that caters to the needs and interests of people. Ask questions and offer polls to invite a response. Invite your fans to comment and share your post. When they do, reply to their comments and keep the conversation going. Stimulate users to engage with your business by making use of the various features that are available. You can even get more engagement by buying facebook followers for your profile and get the desired engagement.

5.    Build a Community

Don’t completely focus on the quantity of followers, also focus on the quality. Remember, Facebook is about personal experience. Don’t over-promote. Build a community of friends, not customers. Instead, aim at engaging with loyal, interested and engaging followers who will not only turn into valuable customers but also help spread the word about the kind of community your brand promotes. Post in a simple, fun and informal way. Refrain from posting only promotional stuff. When you achieve small milestones, share it with your followers. It makes them feel like they’re one of you and your community.

Stay focused and attentive to your customers and a sea of ideas will flow. On Facebook, its all about building a community, holding conversations and engaging on a personal level. This is the road to having a loyal, enthusiastic and engaging group of followers who will definitely turn into valuable customers.