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Which are the sports that people bet on the most in Zimbabwe?


People from all over the world bet on their favorite sport, and Zimbabwe is no exception. Although there are also numerous casinos, it seems like most people prefer sports.


One of the reasons why the gambling industry became so popular is the internet. Since it became regularly available, people decided to create multiple gambling websites. So, instead of going to land-based betting shops, punters can enjoy wagering on their favorite team or play from the palm of their hand.


With that said, this article will focus on some of the most popular sports that people bet on in Zimbabwe. If you are one of the many bettors who doesn’t know what sports to choose, this article should help you.




It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that football is the go-to betting option in the country. If you read more information about MELlbet, you will see that one of the leading gambling operators in many countries around the world offers loads of markets for this sport.


Thanks to its popularity, football is an excellent betting option. Almost every sports betting website covers numerous football events, which means that there is a pretty good chance you will find something interesting to bet on.


Another thing that should be noted is that there are exclusive bonuses. Besides the promotions that are available for every sport, most bookies have special rewards that are only applicable to football.




Most people think of India when they hear the word cricket, but it turns out that this is the second-most popular sport in Zimbabwe. In fact, the country has a pretty good national team.


Cricket is also an excellent betting option, but you need to have at least some knowledge of the sport if you want to be successful. Don’t forget to check the odds because most cricket matches usually have excellent odds compared to other sports.

Field hockey


The next sport on our list that is popular in Zimbabwe is field hockey. The African country is one of the few places that has a lot of traditions in this sport. For example, the women’s team even won the gold medal during the Olympic games in Moscow. Even though this happened in 1980, it had a massive impact on the popularity of this sport.


Sadly, the country has some problems because it couldn’t participate in the African hockey league. Despite that, the sport continues to be one of the go-to betting options for most people in the country.


Rugby union


The last sport on this list is rugby union. Even though it doesn’t have as many fans as the options we’ve mentioned above, this sport can be a pretty good betting option if you find a bookie that offers enough markets.


Rugby union is popular because Zimbabwe’s national team managed to attend the Rugby World Cup two times. The country also has many good players, most of which play in South Africa.


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