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Skills to learn during COVID-19


EVERYONE is waiting for the day when COVID-19 will be gone. Those were the dreams of many people in the 1980s when they wanted Aids gone, but we still have it even now. We have managed to live with HIV and now we are able to effectively manage it. COVID-19 looks destined to stay as well. We might as well look to thrive and excel in such an environment.

Digital knowledge

Schools have not been having normal lessons as we used to. Business was adversely affected. What we need to learn is how to leverage on the advantages that digital platforms offer us.

All teachers in primary and secondary schools should know how to use learning management systems such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, Microsoft meetings and Zoom. These will make them reach their  clientele.

Online Etiquette

It’s never enough to know how to use these digital platforms, but we need to observe the ubuntu ethics and professional protocols.

When calling on Zoom, it might seem and sound that someone is far off, but those basic rules still apply.

Use respectful language, be polite, use proper grammar and respect other people’s privacy.

Remember, the internet does not forget and does not forgive; anything negative said, streamed and published might catch up with you in life.

Online learning

There are skills that have been rendered irrelevant by COVID-19.

Secondly, we have more time to be at home so that time must be wisely used to educate, empower and improve one’s self. YouTube is a university on its own and you can learn any skill.

For example, I learnt a new skill in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. I learnt it via tutorials on YouTube. It might be designing, farming, ranching, or learning a new language; YouTube has all that we need.


Every human being wants to naturally default to entertainment as a means to feed the mind.

People who will merge as winners after this COVID-19 would be those that have relevant information to solve problems. Reading makes a felt difference to the mind.

New ideas come through learning from others. Besides reading, you can feed the mind through positive and educative videos and audios.

Be crafty

There are practical skills that one can work on. These include drawing, sewing, baking, musical instruments, gardening, public speaking and cooking.

There are a number of crafts that you can learn and help you make extra income. Most of these art related skills are therapeutic

Parting point

The coronavirus has caused anxiety and worry, but we can create positive moments. You shouldn’t lock yourself at home and just wait for the day when COVID-19 will stop. Learn and improve your care and basic life skills.

  • Jonah Nyoni is an author, speaker and leadership trainer. Twitter@jonahnyoni. Whattsapp:   +263 772 581 918

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