Trump a disgrace to American democracy

JANUARY 6, 2021 will go down in the United States’s history as a day when one man, one power hungry man, launched an army of thugs on the seat of democracy to protest his election defeat.

The country which presents itself as the greatest democracy on earth gave up that title yesterday when, due to the disgraceful events and words encouraged by the biggest thug of them all, Donald Trump, who for four years has demonstrated blatant disregard and disrespect for the Constitution, for people and democracy unleashed another attempt to stay in power.

This is his legacy. I have been vindicated as I have always objected to this racist and his ways and means to feed his ego and who has been supported by this cava regime, imagine.

It only takes one person as we have seen in many countries to overturn years of democracy and stability in order to satisfy their huge appetite for greed and self-interest at the expense of the people. At least, better late than never, some senior republicans condemned these actions. Those who don’t speak out to end tyranny from within their own leadership are complicit and cowardly and of weak character.

Trump is not the only leader today who has such selfish ambitions and are prepared to overthrow law and order to achieve such.

Trump is on his way out. The countdown to January 20 has begun and cannot be reversed. The countdown has also begun for others like him who resort to tactics like rigging to feed their bloated egos!

Ian Khama


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