New dispensation needs our prayers

IT is very unfortunate and regrettable that in November 2017, the people occupied the streets of Harare marching against the late former President Robert Mugabe’s dismally failed leadership.

We should all admit that Mugabe had his failures, but honestly speaking we were better off under his regime because the rate of corruption, abductions, torture and killings of unarmed civilians was not all that rampant.

Mugabe left power while the people were able to afford bread on a daily basis and everything was affordable and we all had the best Christmas holidays ever in 2010.

Then in came the so-called new dispensation. All it wanted was not to arrest criminals surrounding Mugabe, but to loot State resources.

The coming in of President Emmerson Mnangagwa actually made sure the power grabbers would enslave the people because they are working for nothing. We are not in a war situation whereby our inflation rate has reached 635% and Mnangagwa still claims that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

Since the coming in of Mnangagwa, we would all agree, that he has now become a breeding nest for thieves and some of them still seek shelter under his wings and they are aware that they will never face justice because it is an animal farm where some animals are more special than others and the rule of law is applied selectively.

When Mnangagwa came into power he was always accusing the G40 cabal of sabotaging his work and to date nobody has been jailed, including some of his Cabinet ministers who were allegedly accused of being corrupt.

Mnangagwa’s leadership has been dogged by disorder and to make matters worse it is now clear for everybody to see that Mnangagwa seems to be the problem as he is clueless and also lacks the leadership qualities to restore order both in his party and Cabinet. The centre of power no longer holds and all those in Zanu PF cannot even dispute that.

It is now clear that Mnangagwa and his cronies need some soul searching for the betterment of the general populace’s lives.



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