How to Play Speed Bingo

Over the years the game of bingo has increased in popularity with all ages putting to sleep that it’s a game played by elderly women on a Saturday night at their local bingo hall. Today the game is played all over the world by all types and ages of people.

In fact, bingo is so popular amongst so many people that it is considered as a stress reliever which is just what is required in this day and age.

From online bingo to bingo halls when they are open, there is a bingo game to suit all tastes and is turning out to be the perfect game for friends and family to meet up and have a few laughs whilst playing their games.

Bingo has always been a social game and that might be the reason that it has stayed so popular amongst players.


Different Strokes for Different Folks

No  matter how you play bingo it still remains an easy and simple game to play and besides that if you check out you will also be able to see the great bonuses and promotional offers that are up for grabs to make your games go even further.


Amongst all those different variations of bingo you can play online there is one that has taken off in popularity amongst new and seasoned players, and that is speed bingo.

First, you will need to have purchased your bingo ticket using either the online sites bonus cash or your own money and just like the land-based venues players usually buy more than one ticket enjoying the thrill of marking six or more, and of course, the moe tickets you buy the more chance you have of winning.

Remember though, that bingo is a game of chance and no matter how much fun it is to play you must never chase any losses and enjoy your wins as they are meant to be enjoyed. So, speed bingo can also be known as 30 ball bingo and because it uses the least numbers of all the name ‘speed bingo’ took off.

Not all online bingo sites offer speed bingo it just simply isn’t as common as other variations of 90, 80 and 70 ball bingo, but when you do find a game and join in you will soon see that because there are only 30 balls or numbers in pla at any one time the speed of the games are unmatched by any of the other alternatives.

Speed bingo is attractive to those that do not have so much free time on their hands or those that are looking for that fast and furious pace.

Speed Bingo Gaming Cards

The gaming cards for online speed bingo have 9 numbers, with every square filled within a 3×3 grid – not only is speed bingo played at an amazing pace but there is only one grand prize for the full house winner too setting the stakes even higher and adding that extra thrill if you do touch lucky.


Other Variants of Bingo

Other variants of the game of bingo are popular in different areas of the world. For instance, 75 ball bingo is very popular in the US with multiple variants on offer one of which requires players to form certain patterns in order to win.

The 80 ball bingo games were especially created for online players and has enjoyed increased popularity over the years. This variant uses a 4×4 card that holds 16 numbers, and just like the 75 ball game there are a number of popular patterns used for winning.

Bingo games that have 90 balls are probably the most popular versions you can play and it consists of 90 numbers which are displayed randomly across 9 columns with 5 numbers in each of the 3 rows – overall there are 15 numbers on each card. Players can win in 3 stages, one horizontal line, two horizontal lines and finally the grand prize that takes in each number – the full house.

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