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Zanu PF, COVID-19 dampened Xmas mood


TODAY is Christmas day. It is a day that is usually punctuated by pomp and fanfare.

People usually travel long distances, especially to rural areas, to be with their loved ones.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s festivities are no doubt going to be subdued.

Guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19 have dampened the mood and the Zanu PF government has robbed Zimbabweans of the festive cheer.

Many people lost their loved  ones in instances where death could have been avoided.  Hospitals have no drugs and healthcare workers are incapacitated.

Teachers are equally incapacitated. All this boils down to Zanu PF maladministration.

Another year of suffering at the hands of Zanu PF has come to an end.  Corruption has reached unprecedented levels and it seems the government is losing the war against it. Service delivery in local authorities has ceased to exist. Prices of basic commodities have gone up. Many families cannot afford basics.

For most Zimbabweans, the 2020 Christmas festivities have been postponed, thanks to Zanu PF and COVID-19.



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