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What can you do about seizures?


My son had another seizure. It’s the worst feeling in the world as a parent knowing your child is suffering at a life-threatening level and there is nothing you can do about it! I have realized that though they are called “unprovoked seizures”, they have happened the last two times we brought trees in to sale.

Ashley Thaba

When we sell trees, it is extremely stressful. We care so much about offering top-notch customer service and making sure we never disappoint anyone that although we try and plan for the truck to come well on time to unpack before our clients come collect their high-quality grafted fruit trees, since Corona, everything takes so much longer.

The past two orders have come in so late due to border delays that we literally did not sleep just spending the night unpacking trees to prepare for the next morning so that the time we tell the clients to come is the time we are ready and waiting. I believe in keeping your word!

I wish more businesses do this so I will do everything in my power to treat others the way I want to be treated. I believe this is what God calls us to do as believers and followers of Jesus.

Once the trees are there, we spend the day helping customers. We give them a 10 hour time window they can come, but sadly many don’t adhere and come much later than agreed — even the next day… and the next. Which means our family is just sitting at the farm for usually 3 days (with little to no sleep). At the farm, we have no electricity, so we eat sandwiches, apples, peanuts and raisins, simba chips, juice, water — basically easy to eat snack food for 3 days without proper meals. My son already has severe brain damage. I believe that the lack of sleep combined with the poorly balanced diet along with the excess stress of tree order weekends is contributing to these seizures.

This means that they if my theory is correct, these are not unprovoked but rather the damaged brain responding badly to internal stress of exhaustion and poor nutrition.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I suspected this after the September seizure though no doctor ever brought up issues of stress, diet and sleep — it just makes sense that it could be a trigger. Since then, I have tried so hard to help Caleb to understand there are things that I can control and there are things I can not control to help him not put his body at risk for a seizure.

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